1. deGuzel

    deGuzel Newbie

    Hi everyone!

    I am a 27 y.o. French guy working in Bulgaria as a engineer in freelance and I fall in love with eastern cars there. It started with a Trabant berline, then a Lada 1200 and now a Trabant Kombi.

    I also created a website that sells Trabant, Wartburg and Lada spare parts (even though only the Trabant section is well furnished now). Maybe it could help some of you.

    You all seem to be really passionate about eastern cars too so that's great! I'm a big traveler and I'll be happy to share my Trabant adventures with you!
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  2. Kaliakra

    Kaliakra Newbie

    Hi there, thanks for the intro and for the very valuable link to your spare parts site.
    I have a 601 Kombi in Varna, Bulgaria.
    I don't live there but I visit once a year as my family lives there.
    Look forward to meeting you soon and visiting your shop. Where do you stay?
    I will be ordering some spares very soon.
  3. deGuzel

    deGuzel Newbie

    Hi! I live in Ruse, I don't have a physical shop, online only. I know Varna quite well too because I spend almost every weekend there during summer :cool:
    I just got married 3 weeks ago in Borovets and my Kombi was the wedding car :D
  4. Kaliakra

    Kaliakra Newbie

    We just missed each other in August probably, as I was also in Varna and coicidently... our Kombi was also the wedding car in 2010 :)
    Great, will keep in touch.
  5. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Loyal Comrade

    That's good to know. I'm assuming you ship to the United States? Unlike Reich tuning that won't even reply to emails inquiring about shipping to the USA.

    I found shipping from some Eastern European countries (Romania, Hungary) to be much cheaper and faster than Germany. With the exception of Croatia which is about as expensive and slow as Germany.

    What kind of prices do you have on shipping to the USA? Such as weight.

    Last time I ordered parts from Germany was around 45 Euros for a 2 KG package DHL. Someone correct me if I got that wrong.

    I like to avoid DHL if at all possible. I order my Citroen 2CV parts from the Netherlands and Burton's 2CV uses FedEx and shipping is very reasonable and fast. I can get parts for that car in 4 days. I ordered some Citroen parts from the west coast in the USA and it took over a week!
  6. deGuzel

    deGuzel Newbie

    I do it like a secondary job/hobby. So I don't have as many parts as the big ones because finding suppliers is a long process but i'm more flexible for sure. For now it's Europe only but i'll find a courier and update prices soon.
    I'll probably use Bulgarian post as I never had any problem with it before.

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