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  1. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    I've a work trip planned next week, I'll be staying in the city near Mercedes Benz Arena.

    I'll be doing the usual sightseeing in the evening (Brandenburg Tor, Checkpoint Charlie) and there's a stretch of the Mauer intact near the Holiday Inn.

    Does anyone know of any Berlin-based Trabi parts dealers/shops I can check out while I'm there? Anything else I should check out?
  2. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    Trabi world near Checkpoint Charlie should have a few bits knocking about. You could even go for a drive in one of their Trabis.
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  3. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    Cool, I thought they only did rentals, if there's a parts shop too, even better!
  4. Mr Kipling

    Mr Kipling Newbie

    At the other end of the road from Trabi World is the Trabi Museum...no parts but it gives a great history to the car at a "little cinema" inside plus the usual gift shop stuff. Well worth a visit.
    There is a DDR museum but it's not the best IMO & Checkpoint Charlie is a tourist attraction (not actually in the exact place)
    My top tip to get transported back to DDR times and imagine all these little Trabi's running round, is to take a good walk along Karl Marx Allee ...It'll blow your socks off!
  5. Berlin89

    Berlin89 Puttering Along

    Trabi World and Trabi Museum had a lot of DDR/Trabi type gift things to buy. Sometimes there is a guy with a combi parked at the Tor. Sometimes I will get a currywurst at the Curry at the Wall place and watch the Trabis go down Wilhelmstraße with a trail of smoke following them.
    Museum in der Kulturbrauerei is a better museum than the DDR Museum next to the former Palast if you are interested in that.
  6. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Loyal Comrade

  7. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    So for a finish I didn't get venture beyond Kreuzburg, the area of Berlin where my office was. Next time I'll take an extra day for myself!
  8. michiel76

    michiel76 Loyal Comrade

    Berlin is a nice place to be!
    I go with my family every year to a hotel nearby Mercedes-Benz arena it is East Side Hotel.
    Every morning when I get up and look outside window I see the Berlin Wall!
    Also nearby on Puschkinallee there is one of the last watchtower of Treptower park.
    m2.jpg m4.jpg m3.jpg m1.jpg m5.jpg
  9. Trabant_Mike

    Trabant_Mike Puttering Along

    I'll be going in May too, so I'll check out Trabi World for parts too.

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