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  1. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

  2. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    Subaru 360. But there is a Trabant listed as item #89R going on the first day (tomorrow). It looks to be a project or parts Trabant. But I can't even figure out how to sign up for online bidding if I were interested.
  3. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    I saw #89r on the site. They claimed it comes with a title, and is very solid body wise. Kinda holding by breath about the rust. The engine is apart, and in the car. Seems the grill, and bumper have vanished over time.

    Anyway for better or worse, "I bought it!"

    trabbi1.jpg trab2.jpg trab3.jpg trab4.jpg
    Be looking for the photos when I get it back to VA.

    Is that a homemade tow bar on the front?

    Also from the vin it looks to be a 85 ish mod

    trabbi1.jpg trab2.jpg trab3.jpg trab4.jpg
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  4. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Congratulations , absolutely every part is available for these cars , cost of shipping to america will be biggest headache
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  5. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade


    Kinda a shot in the dark, picture wise. Looks like it was bird egg blue. Interior looks alright. I may try for the rotten p50 tomorrow.

  6. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    The car made it the 400 miles to Virginia today. Seems that front tow bar was welded right to the inner fenders... I guess they thought it was easier to tow around, than fix.

    She has some rust in the corners, the pass. rocker is shot. Though somehow the floors look near perfect. Spare tire well gone too. Trunk solid..

    I am missing both bumpers,and spare wheel-- but the grill was behind the seat. Oddly enough I have the bumper ends.

    It is a late 1985 S model with 12 volt. Had a radio at one point.

    Has many extra parts on the inside, even a spare light bulb kit. My best guess is it was Imported somewhere after 2004, looking at the dates of things.

    The interior is faded, but quite nice, doors shut solid.

    The tank is almost full, smells like old almonds! Engine was in the trunk...

    Pictures to come.

  7. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    You might find a complete engine from the likes of https://www.trabantwelt.de/ the best solution . Reckon on all new brake cylinders and hoses too . Trabi brakes don't like sitting
  8. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    The engine is the least of the issues right now. She has 9 holes in the gas tank.....:eek:

    I need to contact the auction house, to see if they will give me my title. That will determine If I go further. o_O

    It either has 3900 km's, or 103900 km.. I find either hard to believe!
  9. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    To be honest sounds like a parts car
  10. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    I suppose it is one of those borderline calls on fixing it. The car it self costed very little, so that helps...

    In the end I could fix this-for about the cost as getting a running car-that will still need work.

    Might as well fix it I guess. I passed up a Borgward Coupe for this little car. I think the Trabbi is in much better shape.

  11. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    Good buy!
    i live in west virgina so if you need help let me know
  12. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    Funny you would mention about needing help. I opened up the engine. A rod bearing shat it self at one point, blowing a large hole in the lower case..

    Now I'm kinda at a loss for what to do.

    Just need to start over with another used engine. Or a whole other car!
  13. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    I'd strip the whole car down to nuts and bolts, and see what has to be done. A complete derusting is needed. Welding in new sills and wheelboxes is also a possible need. Check out the pillars and windshield area for rust, too. You will have to take off the body panels to do it.

    Only once the rust is gone should you repaint and reassemble it.

    I'd put in a new engine, and what ever it needs, and not nickel and dime it.

    It will be quite a project, but if it's worth it to you, you will learn a lot. You are essentially doing what people all over Germany are doing when they put Trabants back on the road. They were abused and neglected in the 1990s, and now, the new owners are putting sweat equity into them to bring them back to life.
  14. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor


    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Is that your Reliant Robin in the picture? I have one parked in my garage waiting to be worked on.
  16. A Spooky Ghost

    A Spooky Ghost Loyal Comrade

    I pieced the car back together for now, mainly to see what I am missing.

    With the good engine from Mike, and scrounging through the trunk- it runs again! o_O

    I made up a carb intake gasket, and did nothing else but put it all back together. Didn't even clean the carbbie!

    It is running on the points for right now....

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