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  1. voguemachine

    voguemachine Newbie

    Would love to grab a hold of a 600.
    My location is in the southern United States, but will to travel to purchase!

    Drivable condition preferred...

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Seems like there are even fewer p60's than there are p50's in the states. Any reason a p50 wouldn't do? Body style is basically the same. You will have better luck with those.
  3. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    There is only 1, maybe 2 that I am aware of in the states....They are even rare in Europe. About 2 years ago I heard of one that started to be restored but is in pieces. I also don't know where it would be.....I'm sure with a little effort we could determine that.

    You may want to look into finding one over in Europe and bringing it over. May be the best and easiest way.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    I did a quick ebay.de search...there are 4 on there.
  5. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    there you go. There are quite a few on here with experience importing too.
  6. voguemachine

    voguemachine Newbie

    Originally going for a 600 for the increased engine size, but a p50 would do as well,
    Importing really is the main issue here I suppose.
    I wouldn't begin to know where to start when looking for an import company.

    Perhaps my German will finally come in handy after all...

    Then again, finding a Trabi in north Texas would also be Ausgezeichnet.

  7. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    @voguemachine I am in San Antonio, there is also a member on here from Salado who has a 601 Kombi he'd be willing to sell.

    As far as importing, we'd be able to guide you through that. There are a few ways you can do it and there are good companies and people who have done it we can get you in touch with and help you through it.

    One of our members, @John Short, just imported a Wartburg 353 Tourist from Hungary into the Port of Houston and then drove it to Colorado.

    Another member, @Aaron, is currently in the process of finding a 601 in Hungary and bringing it over.

    It will take some effort but we can get you one.
  8. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Oh, and there is an INCREDIBLE, museum quality 601 for sale just outside of Shreveport.
  9. voguemachine

    voguemachine Newbie

    @Justin really?!

    Shreveport is nothing! That is always an option, know how much they are asking for that one?

    Fortunately, I have the ability to fly to Europe and hunt myself a trabant: (round trip for only $400 due to airline benefits).
    But there are so many decent 500s and 600s on ebay.de, I could just as easily buy one and have it shipped over, while saving myself some dough in the process.

    The reason I REALLY want to go for a 500 or 600, is I drive a late model VW beetle (the white '68 in my avatar photo).
    I love the classic old looking ones, but ended up settling when I found that gem on ebay (less than $2000 delivered! in perfect condition!)

    Anyways, I really want to go for a more classic looking model than a later Trabi.
    That being said, a Trabi is a Trabi... Maybe I'm just being picky.

  10. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    The one in Shreveport is advertised for 7k, but you could get it for 6k. That's a bit on the high side for a 601 but I did see the car in person and it is the nicest Trabant I've ever seen. It's absolutely perfect and is totally unrestored in factory original condition. Hence the higher price.

    Nevertheless less whatever you get you'll love.
  11. voguemachine

    voguemachine Newbie

    That is a bit high for my budget, but still worth perhaps looking into!

    I first sat in a Trabant 2 months ago at Classic BMW Plano's "Cars and Coffee". I don't think I ever got their name, but someone on this forum was showing it off, and I was quite impressed!

    Perhaps I have a disease where I must drive underpowered aircooled cars with drum brakes... but I know I wanted one!

    On a side note, hows the heating in Trabants? My beetle tends to get a bit chilly in winter and I have always wanted to compare...
  12. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    May be steep but it's incredible...Definitely worth the look.

    Heater is surprisingly good. I've rode in the old Beetles, the Trabi is much better.

    I know there are one or 2 in the Dallas are, I could probably figure out who's car it was if I went and checked the database on the back-end....

    Where in N. Texas are you?
  13. voguemachine

    voguemachine Newbie

    I am in the Denton area, so pretty convenient place to travel to almost anywhere.
  14. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Yeah, that's not too bad....unlike SA where I'm about 4 hours from anything good.
  15. voguemachine

    voguemachine Newbie

    So there are a few 600s on ebay.de right now, all of them have a buy it now for a few thousand Euro (kicking myself for not making a move on a drivable one for less than 800!!!)
    What is the middle of the road price for a running 600 these days? I don't need a museum quality piece, just something I can work on this summer...
    Justin likes this.
  16. Justin

    Justin Owner Administrator

    Given that I haven't seen one come up for a while it would all depend on what someone is willing to pay.

    I don't know how many 600's made their way into Hungary or Romania, but it may not be a bad idea to check there too. Cars tend to be less expensive in those countries than they are in Germany. Germany they are getting more and more rare and with one of the strongest European economies, they aren't really hurting.

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