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  1. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    I was able to visit the Wende Museum in Los Angeles back in June.


    If you are interested in GDR/Soviet/Eastern Block history and culture this should be a must visit on your list.

    They are moving to a new bigger, better location and won't be open again until November 2017 I believe.

    I didn't spy any Trabants but I did see a Wartburg under a blue-tarp in the parking lot! :)

    Optimized-20170615_141218.jpg Optimized-20170615_141358.jpg Optimized-20170615_145655.jpg Optimized-20170615_145719.jpg Optimized-20170615_145731.jpg Optimized-20170615_151401.jpg Optimized-20170615_151458.jpg
  2. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    Under a tarp in the parking lot? That's a shame.
  3. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    I think that it is just waiting a bit for restoration. The collection is amazing and I am sure that this will be part of it in the future.
  4. Rezzato

    Rezzato Puttering Along

    I tried to sell them my Trabant years ago. They wanted me to donate it but I was a broke college student.

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