1953 GMC bus
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    It has a mighty Detroit 6-71 engine with a supercharger. It’s a 6 cylinder 2 stroke diesel. Runs like a charm. Just drove it a 1000 miles from Denver to Houston. Greyhound bought 5000 of these in the 50’s. Mine was purchased by a hotel in NC.
    It has 4 air springs per axle. It had AC. To run the AC it used a continental 4 cylinder engine. It’s long gone...
    It’s a unibody construction.
    I’m indented to take it to car shows long away from home. I mean putting my old cars on a trailer behind it....
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  1. Bill Overbaugh
    That is SO cool!
    I am jealous
    Wanna trade for a Barkas with a rebuilt transmission? Lol
    You can scare up a continental engine easily enough. They were used to power half of the non road vehicles out there for 40 years. We had a forklift from 1957 with a continental engine.

    Enjoy your new bus!
  2. RogerDerSchrauber
    You could hollow out the back and put a ramp for a Trabi or two on it.....
    1. Bountyflyer
      I was thinking about that but the engine is on the back, and since it doesn’t have a frame it would be hard to cut a whole this big....
      Bountyflyer, Nov 24, 2017