1967 Anglia 105e
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    The car is technically a 106e, which is a 105e that was built with left-hand drive for export. It is a Deluxe, but it was upgraded to Super trim - with two chrome strips down the side... apparently they did that a lot with these cars in the US, because US design had changed so much by 67 that the cars looked dated, so they did what they could to dress them up so people would still buy them.

    This was originally a California car, which means there was absolutely no rust on the car. But it was pretty tired and worn out. So I had to mechnically replace/rebuild the entire suspension, the door hinges, the brakes, engine, etc. I also stripped off three coats of paint and gave it a fresh repaint in the factory original colors of lagoon blue with seafoam blue on the roof.

    The interior is custom, with aftermarket seats intended for 66 mustang (same size and shape basically, but more comfortable and headrests added for extra safety). I also made custom door panels that have a harry potter theme to them.