1976 Wartburg 353W Deluxe "Zoltan"
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    353W Deluxe
    The 353W was introduced in 1975 as a further development (Weiterentwicklung) of the 353, which had been around for ten years by then. If the public was expecting a new car, they were disappointed. The main distinction being front disc brakes. Being an early 353W, this car retains a lot of the chrome trim, as well as the details that make it a "Deluxe" model, such as fake wood trim on the dashboard and chrome trim on the inner door panels. It sports a matching set of five Barum tires from the Czech republic and an original AM/SW radio. This car was obviously meticulously cared for and stored under blankets in a locked garage after original one owner passed away. It has been reliable and gets a lot of attention. It now needs a bit of attention to some creeping rust underneath and the seats could use restuffing. It has always suffered from a bit of a wheezy acceleration. This despite a tune up by a small-town Hungarian mechanic and finally a whole new carburetor.
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