1981 Trabant 601 "S"
Trabant item created by turbofiat124, Jun 29, 2015
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    601 "S"
  1. michiel76
    Awesome the possibilities they have in America!
    Also great that you can drive with 2 different plates but plate on rear is the one that counts?
    Here in Holland we have 2 plates on car but on my Trabant I have put on an old East-German plate who I attaced on the grill.
    That is allowed so long plate is seperated from original NL plate!
    And yes,I know that your plate was registered in bezirk Zwikau.
    I visit Berlin often and see many plates and firts characters or letter(s) will tell where car is come from.
    Like B Berlin,FF Frankfurt/Oder,H Hannover and M Munich (fiew examples)
    Your plate,Zwickau was in GDR time starting with TZ or TY it was bezirk Karl-Marx stadt,now Chemnitz.

    Thnx for explaining!

  2. turbofiat124
    Yes, it's legal in Tennessee because they stopped issuing front plates over 40 years ago. Only about half the states in the US issue front number plates.

    As long as the front plate is not a formerly "officially" issued plate. In other words it would be illegal to mount an expired front plate from another state or an expired Tennessee plate from another car to throw the police off. Since they know a European style plate is not a US style plate, it means nothing to them.

    Or something considered vulgar.

    Most people who's states do not issue a front number plate mount something like the make of the car, flag, some slogan, favorite sports team, JESUS, their home country's flag, or a even customized Euro plate, etc.
    Mine just so happened to be once registered to a car in Zwickau.


    Custom European (Tennessee) style plate:

    Here are two good examples of a money making racket run by states, possibly aimed at those who do not wish to participate in the state's lottery:

    There are specialty plates where you pay an extra fee that goes toward a charity or some other cause:


    Then you have "vanity" plates where you can put whatever you want as long as it's not considered offensive (Miss Purple):


    I got an antique auto plate on all of my old cars that are 25+ years old. I just pay a one time registration fee and that's it.
  3. michiel76
    I saw that you have on the rear side an American registration plate and in front German plate from Zwickau.
    Is it allowed in America to drive with two different plates or is it just for pictures.....


    1. turbofiat124
      See above. My post would not fit in this box.
      turbofiat124, Aug 6, 2015
  4. Bountyflyer
    Not sure if you know that but that's a Zwickau plate on your car! I just been there a few weeks ago....
    1. turbofiat124
      Yeah I was doing a search for Trabant parts and stumbled across it. The seller said, "Formerly registered Zwickau plate, home of the Trabant". Despite the car was originally registered in Hungary.
      turbofiat124, Jul 16, 2015