1984 Wartburg 353S "Tibor"
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    Acquired this nice original apple green Wartburg from the son-in-law of the original owner about four years ago while I was living in Budapest, Hungary. Imported it to Virginia, USA three years ago. In the early '80s IFA began phasing out chrome-plated and other bright trim in favor of black trim. Small black center caps replaced hubcaps and chrome door handles were replaced by black plastic items. The one-barrel BVF carburetor was replaced by a Jikov made in Czechoslovakia, which is a one-barrel with a secondary, so that the main barrel can be smaller and theoretically deliver better mileage. Other changes include a smaller, fatter steering wheel and redesigned seats with headrests. Also the pan under the front bumper was replaced with a "spoiler." The "Deluxe" model was replaced by "S" (Sport) and mine is an S, which includes the faux wood trim on the dashboard and road lights in the front valance. I named this car Tibor after a friend of mine in Budapest who was my translator and go-between, as well as philosopher. I have had no problems with this car except for changing the head gasket. The trunk contains the original Pneumant spare tire that has never been used.
  1. radioman
    Remember seeing Wartburg's in UK Knight ? model
    You have a nice car there,must bring a lot of interest when you are out with it
  2. Bountyflyer
    I still remember when these "new" versions came out. We called them the "piglet stealing machines" because pig tiefs could easily hide the piglets or even larger pigs in the trunk avoiding police detection while transporting them. It was a very popular choice in the villages where the farmers can load the hell out of it. Great condition! Thanx for sharing.