1989 Trabant
Trabant item created by Berlin89, Jul 5, 2016
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    Purchased summer 2016 in the UK. It was imported from Hungary early in 2016. Sent to the USA in the summer of 2017 where she now lives near Omaha.
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  1. antpeter
    Congratulation for your Trabant.It looks like very good quality.I also have a similar Trabant,thats why I registered here.I would like to restore my car,so I am just surfing here,and I want to find a good idea,how to start it.Finally I like the original appearance.At now the engine and gearbox were removed from my car,because there was a problem with 4.grade in shift.
    Anyway the Trabant is quite rare car in my country nowadays.Long time ago there were many Trabants,but it has been changed.Some years ago our government tried to cancel two strokes cars.They wanted to influence the Trabant owners to sell their cars to take to pieces.
    Fortunately some of them didn't want to agree with government proposition.
    I think your car is very weird in your country,mostly it has got left handed steer or drive.
    Do you use it daily or collect old cars?
    Best wishes,
    1. turbofiat124
      I'm assuming this car is in the UK? I can't help but notice the Ford crew cab pickup in the background. That's just as unusual!
      turbofiat124, Mar 4, 2017
    2. Berlin89
      Hello Peter. Just seeing your post here. I like old cars and strange cars. The Trabant is fun and simple, so it seemed like a good one to learn more about.

      TF124, as far as the Ford, my Trabant lives near a military base. That is one of the American trucks there. Two contrasting vehicles for sure!
      Berlin89, Mar 4, 2017
  2. Berlin89
    Will post some more photos and information in the coming months.