'89 Trabant 601S de Luxe "Heike"
Trabant item created by BillB, Jun 7, 2016
  • Vehicle Year:
    Vehicle Make:
    Vehicle Model:
    601 S de Luxe "Heike"
    VIN Number:
  • Description:
    Color: Panamagrun with white top
    Has an IFA Tachometer (optional?)
  • Description:
    Stock, no mods
  1. BillB
    Added some photos including Marcel and family terrorizing his village in the Trabi.
    The paperwork is 100% completed and is getting final approval this week (it can't leave Germany without all docs in perfect order, fine by me!).
    We have the proposed shipping date on the MS Harmony Leader – leaves Bremerhaven on Aug 23 and arrives in Baltimore on Sept 12.
    Turns out that RoRo (transport/car ferry company I'm using) will flat bed the car from SW Germany to Bremerhaven for 400 EUR (vs. 300 EUR for Marcel taking the car train). So, one company will pick up in Marcel's driveway, flat bed to Bremerhaven, "no start" load/unload on the ferry,
    and walk it through customs for 1,630 EUR. Then All Star Transport will pick it up at customs, again, "no start" load and open transport to Plainfield, IL for $825.00 USD. I am very pleased with these numbers.
    Here is a short video of the car idling in Marcel's driveway:
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  2. BillB
    Added a few new photos from it's temporary home in SW Germany.
    Most if not all details are finalized for the trip to the USA
    The car really looks great for 1,200 EUR
    Very excited for it's arrival.
  3. BillB
    A few new photos from over the weekend.
    Car was picked up and will soon start the journey to America
  4. Kevin
  5. BillB
    Really excited today to get this car.
    Now it will start the long journey to the Chicago area!
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    2. BillB
      The journey started!
      Car is loaded and on its way to Bremerhaven.
      From there it will get loaded on the MS "Harmony Leader".
      BillB, Aug 18, 2016
    3. RogerDerSchrauber
      The ship just left the English Channel, heading west. You'll have it before you know it!
      RogerDerSchrauber, Sep 3, 2016
    4. BillB
      It's up in Halifax, NS right now. Only 6 more days until the ship is due in Baltimore!!!
      BillB, Sep 6, 2016