Alice, my Renault Alliance DL 1.7l 1987
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    Alliance DL
    This is Alice, my little Renault Alliance DL 1987 with a 1.7l Injection engine.
    I bought this car about 4 years ago, it had only 21000 km on the clock. In perfect condition, never used in winter, no rust at all.
    This is my wife's daily driver in summer. In winter she drive a volvo V40.
    we now have about 50 000 km on the clock and it still ride like a charm.
  1. Keri
    A long time ago, I used to work on these.

    The best part: Socialist France did not allow short changing of mechanic's wages like all of the Crapitalist automakers do in their Flat Rate Labor Times.

    The cars were far from perfect, but drove well and got good fuel economy.

    Easy hint: the accelerator pedal very often will not open the throttle fully.
    If this is the case, there is no adjustment, but it is easy to correct. First, remove any interfering floor mats, then, bend the pedal itself upward until enough travel is obtained to fully open the throttle and trip the WOT switch.

    Less easy: the motor mounts often broke, the timing belt was fragile and bends valves, and the cooling system was not very good.
    The French electrics, by Dunce-iliere and Paris-In-Ruins were also entertaining.