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    Growing up in Hungary, I've seen these vans bringing the lunch for our school. At that time we always thought about them as under powered junk. Now they become history, plus they are a great in transporting my jet bike or Vespa. I'm planing to paint it in either MALEV (ex Hungarian Airlines) or Interflug (ex East German Airlines). I was able to obtain a paint scheme from a retired Malev employee!
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    mostly original
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    had to rebuild the engine after not putting oil in the gas... (go ahead, call me stupid) The 3 cylinder engine looks very close to a Wartburg Engine, but they aren't the same. Being front wheel drive it has a huge back space, unlike a VW Transporter. I have rear seats for it as well for family outings.
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    ranttattarum.... engine sound....good luck listening anything else...It's beautiful when the kids are fighting in the back! Can't hear a thing!
  1. Arnold Werli
    Can you show me the Pics about Malév Barkas Pls. ?
  2. Aeropark Budapest
    Hi, we start restoring an original (!) Malev Barkas for the Aeropark aircraft museum at Budapest Airport. Please contact us if you are interested :)
  3. JASONCHAD are half the reason I wanted the garage option added to the gives me easy access to drool over your cars. One of these days I am going to talk you out of your Barkas. :)

    You need to put your scooter in the garage as well. Is it a Simson?