Citroen 2CV6 Charleston
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    Another car I always thought I would like to own if I ever had the opportunity to buy one. I found this car locally. A co-worker said it was near his house. He did not know what it was but said it was a funky looking car I'd probably be interested in it. When I went out to see what it was, I was amazed that it was a 2CV.

    It has a 29 hp 2 cylinder, 4 stroke 600 cc engine. The shifter is just as odd and takes some practice to shift like the Trabant.

    It seems to be geared differently than the Trabant. It does not have quite the acceleration as my Trabant but will hit almost 70 mph on the highway. Of course I've yet to check the points gap and make sure the ignition system is where it needs to be.

    It has a softer ride than the Trabant but has some incredible body roll due to the suspension design.

    I had not had a chance to detail the car yet so these photos were taken at a local car show. I parked with the British car club!