Comrade Trabi
Trabant item created by Keri, Feb 19, 2014
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    Comrade Trabi was born in May*, 1968 and had the factory rebuild done in 1987.
    After spending some time in Czechoslovakia, our valiant comrade emigrated to Chicago, the home of the Haymarket affair** and adopted Keri, his current Human Comrade.
    Together, we put the "Commune" in Commuting!

    * May, the month of May Day!
    ** The famous Haymarket affair on 4 May 1886 was a significant milestone for working people everywhere.
    Naturally, as upstanding socialist automobiles, all Trabants everywhere face Chicago on May Day each year, a phenomenon that puzzles parking lot attendants and Trabant-spotters worldwide.
  • Description:
    Mostly standard, complete with a DDR tag and the obligatory Red Flag. Various interesting political stickers in english and russian appear from time to time.
    Recently, a depiction of Vladimir Lebedev's 1920 "May Day procession of Workers" has appeared on both doors, causing widespread Internet overload as thousands of more people than usual simultaneously upload and share fotos of Comrade Trabi...
  • Description:
    Comrade Trabi's motor was rebuilt with the finest worn-out secondhand parts just over 58,000km ago. Recently, after returning (victoriously) from yet another Alien Abduction, a modern carburetor has mysteriously appeared. Rumor has it that it was a token of appreciation from six liberated star systems.
  • Description:
    A Bluetooth speaker under the seat and pretty blinking LED strip lights around the perimeter of the roof provide Comrade Trabi's In Car Entertainment, as do many of his Human occupants. For special occasions, an air horn blows an alternating triple note. Eventually Comrade Trabi is bound to figure out how to play L'internationale on it...
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  1. trabant601
    I have personally witnessed Comrade Trabi's in car entertainment. I was duly entertained.
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  2. Bountyflyer
    I can attest first hand that when Keri screams down the road in Chicago, everyone is running for their life, and retrieve into their cold war bunkers...The little Trabi is still providing a reliable daily service like it was meant to do by the German socialist party leathers. I have to admit, it was the most unusual site on the Chicago Airport on ramp! Keep on smokin' Keri!
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