Elyse, my Peugeot 505 STX V6 1987
Other Vehicle's item created by JFB, Jun 2, 2014
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    505 STX
    This is my Peugeot 505 V6 of 1987 named Elyse (all my cars has a name).
    Not in perfect shape, I have a love/hate relationship with this car. Every time I fix a problem, another one appear. But other than those problems, this car is always fun to drive and it's a better option to a dull and boring gold Camry ;-)
    The powertrain is the famous PRV motor, the same that was fitted to the Delorian.
  1. JFB
    You are right! Infamous PRV... especially for the head gaskets and the infernal chain drive in front... What a POS ;-)
  2. Bountyflyer
    You mean infamous PRV engine?! Almost all the Delorians I've seen had a differet engine so they are driveable. I've seen many of these imported to Hungary, but most of them spent their time at the mechanics yard waiting for repair or parts. This vehicle represents Job security for car mechanics! You are truly dedicated (and I have to admit, knowlageble) to keep this monster on the road!