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    I now own an East German car and a West German car.
    I bought this Beetle on Craigslist for $500 in April 2013.
    "All it needed" was an interior and an engine. I've heard that one before.

    Now it's in the middle of a complete body-off restoration. All new floorpans, tunnel repair, a new (rebuilt) front beam narrowed 2" with lowering adjusters, a font disc brake conversion, new steering box, all new brake lines, master cylinder, completely new rear brakes, replaced wheel bearings, all bushings, shocks, basically all wear components have been replaced or rebuilt. Converted from Autostick. (I would've kept it but I was missing the torque converter, among other parts, so while I was in the tunnel, I installed a clutch tube. I've kept all the parts, and one day I might put it back in.)

    Next steps: replace rear quarter panels, un-braze the rockers/sills and weld them properly, considering a removable rear clip for easy engine repair, then a really nice paint job (thinking dark metallic red, but might go purple for my wife), new interior, all new rubber, install rear pop-outs, new wiring harness, and then assembly. As the rest of the work got really expen$ive, I've basically done nothing to the engine/transmission combo I bought on Craigslist. So once it's been running a while, I'll see what the condition is, and maybe do a rebuild of those sooner rather than later.

    ETA: probably summer 2016, realistically, given that my wife and I both run our own businesses and we have a 2-year old. I'll continue to post pictures of any progress I make in between Trabbi repairs and upgrades.
  1. Bill Overbaugh
    Well, I discovered the A pillar is rusted straight through, so this project just got very different. Found a complete bug body on The Samba for $200 also not perfect, but significantly better condition than mine. The saga continues!