IWL Troll 150 1963
  • Vehicle Year:
    Vehicle Make:
    Other IFA or Soviet Vehicle
    Vehicle Make (Not Listed):
    IWL (VEB Industriewerke Ludwigsfelde)
    Vehicle Model:
    Troll 1
    This is a motorscooter made in the GDR, built around the MZ ES150 motocycle motor.
    This particular model was never registered in the unified Germany and was imported in Canada in late 90's. It ended up in my shop and I restored the motor and accessories, but decided to leave the body rough as is to preserve the DDR look. It still have its original license plate from the DDR.
  1. paulymx
    I have a Troll too, over here in Australia. It's a LONG way from home. I love the beast. It's such a comfortable ride - if a little underpowered. It started me on this journey.....
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  2. JFB
    Unfortunately, that VW is not mine, I spotted it in the streets of Montreal and I took the opportunity to take few pictures of my scooter beside this cool car. By the time I finished my pictures, the owner appeared and I had a nice discussion with him. He keep it in that condition, rusty from outside, but not rotten. It's cool because mostly all those VW models (if it's not all of them) finished tuned with Porsche or modern VW parts and wheels, or restored with a Californian look. To find an untouched original exemple is close to impossible and that's one of them!
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  3. whatacar1997
    Nice scooter! Also a very nice VW 1600 on the backround! It looks pretty solid, is it yours? I've always loved the design of it, my dad used to have one! :)