KY Trabi
Trabant item created by Caleb, Aug 14, 2014
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    Our 1981 Trabant 601 S. Acquired in August of 2014. Appears to have come to the great state of Kentucky by way of Hungary and Louisiana. Absolutely love this car. It is in great shape but that is all thanks to the previous owners right now.
  • The only in car entertainment we have is whoever is in the passenger seat.... and all the funny looks we get driving through town.
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  1. Caleb
    Added new picture with my Hungarian front plate installed
  2. Bountyflyer
    I'm glad that the Trabi got a nice home. I drove it from Budapest to Emden Germany. It's been to the autobahn as well... Now you just need to find an original steering wheel and a nice vintage 6V tarp top battery to make it complete.
    Be careful with the paint, it's only original once! It's quite thin. I bought it from the first owner. Good luck with it!
    Great looking car!!! Thanks for posting pictures. It looks super clean.
  4. Justin
    Hopefully you found it as nice as I told you it would be :)
    1. Caleb
      Yes!! Thank you so much for your help we really appreciate it.
      Caleb, Aug 15, 2014