Little White Monster
Trabant item created by Lance, Mar 13, 2014
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    Here is my new trabant. My daughter named it the little white monster.
  1. Bill Overbaugh
    Great car! I love how the entire car fits inside the wheelbase of the pickup!
  2. Bountyflyer
    Your choices were between Kombi or limusine, no option for radio or color... You had to go to the back and see what color of cars came in, amd choose one real quick... All radios were installed after the delivery, mostly by owners. The fiber glass handles came out on late model Trabies, sometimes in the mid 80-s...

    Nice Trabi! This is the first time I see one with white wall tires! I always wondered how would it look like with them. The front bumper is off of a pre late 70's car. The body is also a nice second generation body, not a late model. Does it still has the 6V system?

    The license plate is an old West German plate, if the plate is actually belong to the car, then it tells me that someone took the car to the west side, and re registered it, but my guess is that the plate was just picked up as a suvenieer just before the car was shipped out. The plate is from Emden what is the city where I always ship my cars out of. (Just a stipulation and educated guessing)

    What a contrast looking at the truck next to it?! If the snow still around, take it out for a spin in the snow! It actually behaves like a sports car! We always went to the mall parking lot to spin around using the hand brake and second gear...

    By the way, if your car has a narrow B pillar like this fine example, you should have metal door handles and 6V system with the grey or red interrior. The yellow interrior, wider B pillar and flat head light lense came with the 12V system and fiber glass door handles. The exception ofcourse the factory refurbish cars. They still have the second gen body (like this one) but they are 12V with the mustard yellow inside....

    There have been differences between cuntries as well... For example Hungary never seen the late model bumper guards like on this one, or the chromed bumpers or bazels...
    Mine is an '85. has black fiberglass/plastic handles...not sure when they made the change...might have been one of the many options one could pick when buying a Trabi.
    Option #1 Color of paint
    Option #2 Color of handles
    Option #3 Radio or no radio wait 10 years and you can come pick up your car.
  4. turbofiat124
    Mine is an 81 model with the polished alumnium door handles. I thought the black door handles were just painted.
    I didn't think that they were still doing the metal door handles in '82...I may be wrong. I guess they could have been put on after the fact. Either car.
    Very nice! We need to get our Trabis together some time.