My 601 Universal lowered from Belgium
Trabant item created by gvhoey, Aug 29, 2016
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    601 Universal
    My 601 Universal from 11/89

    Lowered leafspring
    Custom rear springs
    4x100 Diskbreaks in front
    Customized Kafer break pump
    Customized exhaust
    4x100 drums in the back
    Lot's of different rim's :)
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  1. turbofiat124
    I did not notice you converted the fronts to discs. Does the car require a "heavier foot" to stop it? I've heard of people installing disc brakes on cars without brake boosters only to have to press harder on the brake pedal to get it to stop the same distance.

    I've actually found the drum brakes to be satisfactory on my Trabant. It stops straight and have yet to overheat the brakes.

    With my 68 Ford, it's hard to get the front brakes synchronized to where the car will stop straight. Also with a heavier car, it's easy to overheat the brakes on this thing. So I always pull it into L2 when coming off hills.
    1. gvhoey
      Sorry for the late reply, we also had that issue but my friend reworked a brake booster of a old beetle to fit on my trabi. I'm very happy about this set up, it's much easier to dose the braking. It's not all or nothing what my trabi sometimes had and is much quicker to react. But main thing behind it was the 4x100 conversion to loos the adaptors.
      gvhoey, Feb 10, 2017
  2. michiel76
    Blijft er gaaf uitzien!
  3. turbofiat124
    I love the rims! Too bad there are not many 4 X 160 mm aftermarket rims to choose from. One of these days I'm going to either have my drums redrilled or buy some drilled for 4 X 100mm pattern.

  4. dave
    great looking car! what discs did you use on the front ? is it an easy swap ?
  5. whatacar1997
    Oh boy that looks sweet! I love the wheels on the 2nd to last photo. Is it a tough job to lower the leaf springs? I'm considering to do the same thing when I can get my hands on one. (greeting from the Netherlands by the way!)
    1. gvhoey
      i only have leafsprings in front, i bought a new one from trabantwelt.
      gvhoey, Feb 10, 2017
  6. Ron
    Sweet! Your car looks great, love the lower look without the crazy camber angle you see on some... you must post a step-by-step guide to fitting 4 x 100's immediately!

    Just love the look, well done and welcome to the group!