My Lowered trabi Season 2017
Trabant item created by gvhoey, Nov 8, 2017
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    some of my pictures of season 2017

    My youngest has been born in may so didn't have much time to do a lot of meeting but the biggest was ITT Zwickau.

    I also changes the rims and chrome bumpers.
  1. ummeli
    I see a lot of Trabis like yours that have an extra set of white lights on the front bumper. Are they fog lights (nebel leuchte?) When you are driving at night do you usually drive with both your main headlamps and your fog lights on?

    I am asking because I would like to add additional lights to the front and back of my Trabi, both to help me see at night, and to make me more visible to other drivers.
    1. Ian
      The pair of white lights on the front bumper CAN be DRIVING LAMPS, which are able to come on, at the same time as your main beams, on your headflamps, for extra length of vision.

      Regards and a happy new year to you!

      Ian, Dec 30, 2017