My Trabant 601.
Trabant item created by ivanski, May 2, 2016
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    Hello there.
    That is my Trabant, my first car, that was in the family since 1997 and it became mine in 2004.
    Bought for 400 DM in 1997 ( a friend of mine in Germany bought his for 1 DM ) and driven in the family for one summer.Had been sitting from 1997 to 2004. Got it as a kid and became my project car.
    I drive it since 2011.
    It has been repainted few times and the last color is this yellow one.

    It has a strengthen engine body mounts.
    It also has front disk brakes from VW golf 2.
    Rear drum brakes from VW Polo
    Rear shocks with VW Polo springs.
    ATS classic wheels from a 1979 Opel.
    Lowered by few centimeters.
    Hidden all the wires in the engine compartment.
    Wartburg engine is waiting to be installed.

    I am also restoring Trabants in my free time.
    I have specialized in dealing with rust and body repair. I am making some new parts from the metal ones like rockers and few other bits and pieces, copying original parts.
    This summer with a friend of mine we are going to open a repair shop only for Trabant and Wartburgs doing all sorts of works from full restorations to minor jobs.
    This same friend of mine is making tuning parts for Trabant - adaptors for disk brakes, wartburg engines, and almost anything you want.
    If you are interested, PM me.

    Nice forum, happy to see Trabsters around the world.
    I'll be glad to help with information, advice and my experience on these little cars.
  1. whatacar1997
    You Sir, did an awesome job on that little comrade! I really love the colour, you don't see many Trabis around that have this type of yellow on them. I also like the wheels, they fit perfectly with the yellow!
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  2. DaveinOz
    Awesome job! So clean and really tastefully modified. The wheels make a huge difference! Was it a big job swapping the hubs over?
    1. ivanski
      Thank you! Well yes, because I wanted to swap the hubs and not just put flanges on and drive with the stock drum brakes. Trabant with disc brakes is stopping really well and requires less maintenance than the original brakes.
      ivanski, May 13, 2016
  3. JamieHurst
    Looks great - I love the colour :)
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    1. ivanski
      Thanks dude. I once had a yellow Trabant kombi from 1986 just like yours. It was given to me in 2010 after it sat untouched in a forest for at least 5 years. Dropped a battery in, some fuel and drove it 250 kilometers back home.It had no brakes and was a complete rust bucket, but for me it was mint. Used it's parts to make this one ;)
      ivanski, May 7, 2016