nicest Trabant replica ever
Trabant item created by Bountyflyer, Feb 18, 2014
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    601 Kombi
    It's started out as a one owner online auction supposedly nice car. It was 6 years ago... After closed look, the floor board was rusty, the engine had the cheaply rebuilt junk crank in it, the floor carpet had dried concrete, and the paint was pealing.... so I asked my friend to paint it. It turned out so nice and flawless that I couldn't just throw the parts back on... So I took it to my Trabant expert friend, and they changed almost everything on it from their inventory...All the moving parts are NOS, so as all the rubber, brake and exhaust parts. The crank is the last NOS factory crank what was available in Hungary. All the bolts and nuts are re treated with cadmium. They installed a fuel gauge equipped fuel tank out of a Trumpf. New repo vintage tires. I bought old fashion bumpers, and rims for alu hubcaps. The old rims were so far gone, that we cut off the hubcap holder rings and re welded them on a set of new barely used rims. So the car looks (and works) nicer and better then when it was new....
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    original and flawless
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    everything is new, with a factory NOS crank assy.
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    Original Hungarian radio, with Ipad hook up. Yet to be installed... modifying it at the moment. Radio delete plate at the moment.
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