Trabant item created by Bugenhagen, May 10, 2016
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  1. Bugenhagen
    I got a new set of wheels from Germany as they were same price as restoring the current ones.
  2. whatacar1997
    I quite like the colour of the wheels, I'd leave them like that if I were you!
  3. Bugenhagen
    Thank you both!
    The pics are result of the synergy between two hobbies.

    I don't like the wheels... I'm about to have them re-painted to original silver/aluminium. I wish I had another set of wheels that I could have for winter tyres.
  4. DaveinOz
    Outstanding pics, someone is very good with their camera! :)
  5. Ron
    Beautiful car and pictures! Love the wheels...

    Cheers, Ronnie.