Philip's Trabant
Trabant item created by phi, Sep 1, 2014
  • Vehicle Year:
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    P 601 S Limousine (saloon)
  • Description:
    Trabitronic ignition
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  1. ivanski
    You are my travel trabi idol. A true Skynsemin ræður in Iceland !
    Feel free to contact me if you ever come to Bulgaria or plan a Balkan/ Greece trip.
  2. Ian
    Great pics Philip.....were the las few in Iceland?....If not...whre were they taken?

    Marvellous scenery and great roads to explore, with the "tented Trabi"!


    1. phi
      yes, the last 3 pictures were taken during our Iceland trip in 2016.
      phi, May 24, 2018
    2. Ian
      Very envious of you having been there..driving!

      Well done for taking the traveling distance in your stride,...aswell as a ferry, obviously!


      Ian, May 26, 2018
  3. Phil Tracy
    The tent just makes this car. Very unique and very cool!
  4. phi
    I bought the tent in 2004 here in Switzerland - it's already 10 years! ;-)

    I have replaced the tarpaulin and the tent fabric with new made ones.
  5. Bountyflyer
    Love the rooftent!!! Cool car. Did you build the tent or bought it?
  6. turbofiat124
    Phil, that's hardcore!