Qek Junior
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    VEB ISOKO Schmiedefeld - Qek Junior
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    HP 400
    This small caravan is a 1977 built. The body is made from fiberglass. Imported from Germany to Czech recently. It underwent a complete restoration to nowadays trends with a sensitive approach to keep it in it´s aged original optical state. It is the unbraked version, has a small solar panel, running water, and weights only 300+ kgs. It is a good companion for our faily trips, my wife and kids love it! It still has the original Pneumant tires on.

    Countries visited so far:

  1. czechnology
    Hi Ron, it is in good condition now, but was not. I did a complete overhaul, the frame, suspension, interior. I even fit a small heater, solar panel, rechargeable battery, and new LED lights inside. I will post more pics eventually.
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  2. Justin
    That's awesome!
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  3. Ron
    We have just got our Qek, it is well loved already! Can't wait to take it away, have even ordered towing mirrors for the Trabi. Yours looks to be in great condition, and your picture with the roof vent open told me what the net I found inside it is for! Thanks for posting.
  4. czechnology
    The sticker is required by law - stating the reduced defined speed. Also it is good way to show other drivers why you go so slowly.
    Yes, we drove all the way with these old Pneumant tires. They have no wear or cracks, good old DDR rubber. I carried two spare tires, just in case. Do you think this could be a threat to the safety?
  5. Wartburg353W
    Does the sticker mean you are only allowed to go 80 km/hr? Please tell me you haven't gone to all those places on 25 year old tires.