Qek Junior
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    Junior HP 400
    Here's my latest addition to the fleet, the caravan especially built for the Trabant!

    It is in really good condition, with no body damage and a solid chassis. It tows really well, although I haven't yet tried it with Rosie the Trabi (she is off road for the winter...).

    edit: Have now been out on a clandestine test-tow with Rosie... and can confirm that the Trabant's mighty 26bhp motor can pull the 'van along just fine!

    Cooker, fridge running water and 240v electric hook-up all fitted. Eagle - eyed Qek geeks (qeeks?!) will notice the non-standard rear lights, LED units from a lorry trailer, fitted by the previous owner as an upgrade. Not a bad match for the originals I think.

    Anyway, the plan is to pull the 'van with Rosie to all the shows this summer, and behind our Toyota campervan for extra space on family holidays too.

    It's a really lovely wee thing, get one if you see one for sale!
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