Radikal Wartburg 353S '87
Wartburg item created by Kruchy, Mar 5, 2014
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    This is a Radikal Wartburg 353S from 1987.

    I come from Poland and I want to introduce You my customized Wartburg. He called "Whitey"

    It is a little bit lower than original :p

    It has special suspension. Mercedes W124 3.0D front springs by Jamex and Polonez Truck Diesel springs on rear. Gas shock absorbers Fiat Punto One by Cofap and Deawoo Matiz by Kayaba. Custom hub adapters to light RSL Motorsport 8J wheels, Nankang tires 165/55/14. Special sport seats, sport belts by Sabelt, Raid Dino steering wheel on hub adapter also by Raid - M199

    Sport air in take by Simota, a little bit modificated carburettor, clean under the front mask, Mikoda sport front discs and ATE brake pads, modificated exhaust...

    Let see more photos on:

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