Rear seat belts Trabant 601
Trabant item created by 'bant, May 22, 2016
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    601 LX
    My Trabant has mounting point holes in the rear pillars but no captive nuts. I inserted captive nuts into the pillars to fit the belts to the rear pillars. I drilled holes in the boot floor as per the instructions for fitting Doblina lap seat belts. SECURON three point belts were used with belt extenders for the belt clips in the middle of the seats and short metal extenders for the outer belt ends. The reels are designed to be mounted at shoulder height and can be adjusted to work at any angle. This means that there is no chance of the reel getting snagged or obstructed by items in the boot.
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  1. 'bant
    I've now lengthened the passenger side rear belt so it can accommodate 'bant Juniors younger sibling who arrived a couple of weeks ago. The front passenger seat has been moved forward just enough for the baby seat to fit on the back seat and Mrs 'bant still just fits in the front seat. There isn't much in the way of leg room for but we all fit.
  2. scarrabri
    Wow this is excellent ,what a first class job you have done and thanks for posting the wonderful pics,very best wishes Brian.
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