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    20 years after falling in love with Trabbis, I finally own my very first one, a beautiful tan 86 Kombi wagon.

    The front seat is worn out, the back seat won't stay down,t he tires are shot,the headlight switch falls off, I can't keep it running, it has no hubcaps, the rear view mirror wiggles like a teenage girl. And I love it.
  1. Bill Overbaugh
    Over 60,000km on my Trabant now. It has seen more of the USA than many Americans - DC, the FingerLakes, Nashville TN, Reading PA. Even made a 212 mile drive to Reading PA with TNTrabi. The car has been mechanically fully restored. I have replaced one mismatched seat with an original, and recovered them in original material. I've installed a radio with some help from my friends. It's a reliable, well running car now.
  2. Bill Overbaugh
    UPDATE: In the last 2 months, I blew the engine (I've decided it was a combination of using 50:1 instead of richer mixture, and braking with the engine), replaced the engine with a rebuilt one from TrabantWelt(runs AWESOME), done a lot of cosmetic updates, and driven the heck out of the car. Upcoming projects: new washer bottle and pump, some paint work, then the biggie: I have mismatched front seats. Haven't decided yet if I'll order Trabant seats from overseas, or if I'll get some seats out of a car at the junkyard and cover them to make them look original. No matter which way, I hope to maintain the look of the car.
  3. Keri
    Cool! Almost Perfect!
  4. Bill Overbaugh
    Definitely planning on keeping it original. I've toyed with changing the seat color if/when I reupholster, but if I do, I'll keep the same feeling, just in a dark red instead of the tan and brown.
    Thanks for the message!

    And I got it running right yesterday. Apparently even East German cars need a gap in the spark plugs! Openened them up to .030 and it smoothed right out!
    Thanks for sharing. I love my Kombi. Welcome on board. Are you planning on keeping it original, or do you plan on painting it? I personally really like the original mustard doesn't get any more East German than that. The first Trabi I drove in Cottbus, Germany was a mustard yellow sedan.
  6. Bill Overbaugh
    The Photo from the Ebay Ad.
    I bought this car from Mike Annen - I've read here and there some negative comments about his cars, but he treated me really well, and he didn't misrepresent anything about the car. This is not a fully restored trailer queen - it's got a lot of imperfections. You've got to understand what you're buying, but that's no matter what you buy. I'd recommend to anyone to deal with Mike.
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