Trabant item created by JamieHurst, Apr 19, 2016
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    P601 Universal
    Snuffly the Trabant was imported from Hungary in 2015, and braved the trip across from Lancashire to the north-east of England. He enjoys drives into town, and needs a bit of work on his tired interior.

    So far, he's had he following done:
    • New v-belt
    • New ignition coils, leads and plugs
    • New shoes, cylinders and drum brake lines all round
    • New door handle (driver's side was falling off, unlockable)
    • A decadent west German Blaupunkt radio, which needs removing
    He has around ~57,000km and is used sparingly, but often.

    He loves getting his picture taken.

    I'll detail any other bits of work I manage to complete on him in here :)
  1. JamieHurst
    I don't believe so... There's a fair bit of overspray from what I can see in the engine bay. Although I'm confident it is the original colour, as I can't find anything to suggest otherwise, and I've had a good look.
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  2. whatacar1997
    What a great little comrade! I really like the colour, is it the original paint?