The mini trabi (fiat punto 55)
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    punto 55 S 1,1
    HERE IT IS!!!!!! the most useless thing to (almost) move on its own. The (un)migthy fiat punto. Does 0-110 a second faster than the trabi, despite having twice as many hp, fuel injection, electronic ignition, and being a four stroke. Does get slightly better mileage though.
    The plan was to use this as a reserve/winter car, but it seems the trabi has to act reserve car for this instead. i consider moving my emergency tools from trabi to this. :)
    Just about anywhere something is bolted to the body, there is rust all around.
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    interior only has a few holes, for every square foot of fabric. just need to shovel out the worst layer of dirt.
    Exterior is kept nice and authentic with a million dents, and fenders in different colours due to more rust.
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    not needed. useless as it is. :D
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    A RADIO!!! Which can take casette tapes....
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  1. Bountyflyer
    Just sell it and buy a Kombi Trabant! At least (by now) you know almost every bolt in a Trabant...
    It's a FIAT what really means Fix It Again Toni....