Tomos TX-50
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    This is a Tomos TX-50 mini bike. It uses the same 49cc A35 engine and 2 speed automatic transmission as other Tomos mopeds except it has a kick starter instead of pedals. I'm not sure if it's an Eastern Bloc vehicle or not since it was built in Slovenia in 1999 from mostly Slovenian, Serbian and Italian made parts.

    It was given to me by a co-worker. It did not run and was abused. Tank, fuel filter and carb were packed full of rust. I eventually had to replace the fuel tank. Air cleaner is a K&N crankcase breather.

    I installed new brake cables (from a bicycle kit) which were seized. I had a local motorcycle shop fabricate a new and longer throttle cable. The original one was also seized. I extended the handlebars using water pipe and longer bolts to clear my knees.

    I installed a heavier shock. Headlight and a universal voltage regulator.

    Loads of fun!

    I'd like to install an 80cc or larger kit one of these days but I might as well just buy a bigger bike for that kind of money.
  1. 'bant
    We had a lot of family holidays in Croatia back when it was part of Yugoslavia and Tomos mopeds where a common form of transport. Standing outside my Trabant the other day while the engine was running the smell from the exhaust brought back the memories of sunny summer days on an Adriatic island and days spent in the luscious meadows of Hrvatska Zagorje.

    Tito extricated Yugoslavia from the Communist block in 1948 which was probably a good idea in most respects. They ended up licence building much more modern cars than countries behind the iron curtain, including the Renault 4, Citroen Ami, Dyane and GS, and various Fiats including the modified Fiat 128 with a hatchback which went under the name of the Zastava 101.