Trabant 601 1973
Trabant item created by Lasse, Dec 4, 2017
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    The car was registered in Germany 1973. It has the champagne beige body and white roof.
    Floor light switch and a black grill.
  1. Caleb
    The car body definitely looks like a pre-1980's. Looks like a narrow B-pillar and the car was at one point 6-volt. The floor dimmer switch is another indicator of pre-1980. Check your vin plate and see if it has an "E" stamped after the vin number. This would indicate a factory refurb. The dash is from the later model so it could just have been changed out by someone or it could be the factory refurb.
    1. Lasse
      Thanks Caleb, very helpful. I will check that!
      Lasse, Dec 6, 2017