Trabant 601 Limousine '82
Trabant item created by RunarUno, Feb 23, 2014
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    601 Limousine
    Here is my baby, I'm so proud of her, she'll be restored no matter how bad she is.
    As I can't get ANY other Trabis in whole Iceland. :p
  1. Justin
    I really love these photos. They are great! We will help find you what you need to restore them!
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  2. Lotsokids
    You can certainly see the parts that are NOT metal.
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  3. John Kalina
    Can I Help you. I have a Trabant 601 Special.
  4. Jaysho
    Order every single part off TrabantWelt :)
  5. RogerDerSchrauber
    You better start soon. Doesn't look like it's got many winters left.