Trabant 601 next to a DAF
Trabant item created by 'bant, Sep 22, 2016
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    I had a bit of luck when the "Treff til tusen's" only DAF parked up next to my Trabant. Both cars are of a similar size and have similar styling and with two cylinder air cooled engines. However, there the similarities stop. The DAF has a boxer engine mounted longitudinally driving the rear wheels with the Variomatic rubber band gearbox mounted between the rear wheels. There is no clutch and older cars could drive equally fast in both directions. I found it interesting to see the two cars next to each other.

    EDIT : Just to add that the later DAF 33 models look more like a Trabant from the front.

    EDIT 2: Added two pictures from Michiel76 showing his Trabant next to some Daf 33s. The front of the later models (32/33) looks more like a Trabant.
  1. michiel76
    Kreis Niesky?
  2. Micha1710
    The GDR Plate is from Dresden (my Hometown <3 )
  3. 'bant
    An aunt of mine in England actually had a DAF 33 in the 70's. Nice little car I remember being driven in it as a child. The DAF had seen better days, the handbrake didn't work as it should so she had a brick in the car that she popped under the front or rear wheel when parking on a hill.

    The number plate on the DAF next to my Trabant is a standard Norwegian plate from ca 1965 and yes it does look a bit like an older Dutch plate. You can find details on the DAF here. You really don't have any option to style your number plate here in Norway. You also only get two per car and that's it. So if you want a plate for your bike carrier then you have to order an unofficial one. Vegvesen will not give you a third one :)
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    1. whatacar1997
      Thank you for your comment, it's very interesting to read about DAF's in other countries. While thinking about them, I recall seeing pictures of DAF dealerships in the US, so they might actually have been driven at more places around the world! :D
      Maybe when I have some more money and room in the future, I might end up buying a DAF as well! ;-)
      whatacar1997, Oct 2, 2016
  4. whatacar1997
    What an awesome picture, seeing my nation's pride parked next to a socialist car with a Norwegian registration. I never assumed these were popular outside Holland too, it's just awesome that the guy even styled his license plate like a Dutch one! :D
  5. michiel76
    I know this situation.
    Here in Holland the most people are thinking that I have a Daf 33 but it is a Trabant.
    Mostly young people are thinking that,older generation are know what a Trabant is....