Trabant 601 RS
Trabant item created by Bountyflyer, Feb 18, 2014
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    This car was built in Hungary. It was raced for many years in vintage rally events all over Europe. The last race it appeared was in Monte Carlo Historique. On that race the car passed many lot more prestigious participants like Aston Martins, Ferrariesa and a like while they were repaired. Others broke down, but this Trabi was keep on goin'. One late dark snowy evening the carburetor iced up in the Monaco hills. My friends got out, promptly peed on the carburetor, what therefore melted the ice, then off they went.... After it retired, came across the pond and participated in the 2013 HOT ROD POWER TOUR. In Birmingham (or Hoover) there was a small autocross track set up. The little Trabi beat the hell out of most of the cars in attendance. A car needed 650HP and up to run the same time as the Trabi. Now days it has a rather quiet life...
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    custom made carbon fiber dash with tachometer, racing seats, Sparco fire suppression system, Wartburg front brakes, racing suspension, widened rims
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    higher compression (only runs on race fuel or AV gas) larger fuel line, double carbon fiber clutch, extra engine mounts, Mitsubishi alternator for the lights
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    looking at the rear view mirror as the other cars loosing their grip in corners
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  1. radioman
    Is it 800cc have you ever seen the spec's for these cars
    It must sound lovely when running
    Well done,a real keeper
  2. Justin
    I love that car....It's as fun to drive as it looks :)