Trabant 601F (Forst) Kubel
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    This is Friedrich my new Trabant which I have imported from Hungary after being in Austria for 25 years. It is the Forst model which was made for the Forestry Administration in the DDR. It is a 1972 model updated in 1988.
  1. AdamSin12
    Wow! I live in an area of the eastern bloc and these are really RARE here!
  2. trabant601
    It is outstanding!!!
  3. Ron
    Awesome looking machine that, well done!
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  4. RogerDerSchrauber
    Very nice! I recall seeing it for sale at . Did they retrofit it in 1988 with electronic ignition? Does the petrol heater still work? I'd like to get a K├╝bel myself at some point.
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  5. TheHun
    Congrats, a rare find. Any restoration planned?
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