Trabant 601S kombi
Trabant item created by mati0921, Feb 18, 2014
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    601S kombi
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    Fully resored summer 2013. currently doing its best as everyday car for me. makes it to work and back (almost) everyday. :)
    Factoryy rebuild in 1990, so its got all the newstuff like EBZA, 12V, and alternator. :)
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    Original in good shape. did not do anything when i restored the car. just removed it and put it back in. :)
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    The original engine from 1990 needs the cylinders redone and new pistons, so i dropped in the engine from my 1981 parts wreck.
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    Very old SHARP radio with east german speakers. one under the dash and two above the rear windows. best way to do it in a kombi since there is no place to put them. :)
  1. whatacar1997
    Looks awesome! btw, from which country are you? Austria?
  2. RunarUno
    It's beautiful! ;)