Trabi Two
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    Technically not mine - this is my Dad's Trabant.

    After I got mine on the road, I drove it to a friend's. I rolled the window down, expecting the usual "What is that?" Instead, he said "Huh... second one of these I've seen this week." I mentioned it to Dad, who said it'd be fun to go to shows together in "matching" cars. So we tracked down the other one in Owego, NY, about an hour from us. After a month and a half of fanangling, Dad finally sealed the deal.

    It's a 1969 model. Apparently the previous owner (a mechanic) had an exchange student from Germany. Around 2006, he went to visit him, and bought this car while there. He imported it, and has had it since. I don't believe he ever had it on the road in the US.

    The car is extremely original... much better shape than mine. It has some rust, and needs paint, but mechanically it looks very well taken care of. The keys were missing, so we temporarily hooked up a lawn mower ignition from NAPA until we can replace the tumbler. In the trunk we found an original set of flares, jack, flashlight, spare bulbs and spark plug wrench. It's got the original plate on the back. and check out that incredible Blaupunkt radio! Original speaker in the dash, in the hole for the grab handle, with two extras mounted in the back.

    It's interesting to see the differences between 1969 and 1986. The rod for the trunk instead of gas shocks, different seats, different dash board. The fuel shutoff is all the way on the firewall, instead of on the "control panel" with the heater knobs, this car has the manual washer pump instead of the electric one, there is a trim piece in the windshield rubber, the bumpers are different, as are the front turn signals, wheel covers, and hood emblem. The air vent intake (unless this is wrong) has no means to switch between fresh air and heat. You have to manually move the hose from one to the other. Maybe the others on the forum know all this, but this is the first time I've seen two next to each other since the 1990s, when I didn't know what a Trabi was. So it's really fascinating to me to see these changes.
  1. Bountyflyer
    WOW! Thats a very nice one! It was made right after the 500. One of the very first new bodied trabies! The grill pace is almost original. The wing looking pace is orriginal but the grill itself is from a newer version. It had a smash grill with a chrome trim around it. The radio is from West Germany. Not sure what is the story behind it. The license plate is a new export plate from the joined Germany. Most deffenetly not from the east side. But none of the less you have something very valuable! Those seats are also from a 500 what might actually be original as well because it's a very early model. In case you need it, new hubcaps are still being manufactured in Hungary.

    Be careful with the fuel mixture! The early engines only had bushings around the wirst pin. They need more oil then the new ones. If it's been rebuilt then it mostlikely been changed over to the new roller bearings. Nice car, thanx for sharing! I grew up in one...