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Trabi-XXL Trabant stretch-limousines
  • Vehicle Year:
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    XXL - stretched - custom build
    Trabi-XXL has specialized on old GDR Trabant, Barkas, Robur cars, on custom build Trabant cars.

    For joyful City rides, alternative Trabi Safaris, private guided Berlin VIP tours and loud and wild stag-nites or exclusive weddings, you can hire / rent this cars with a driver in Berlin, Germany.

    For contact or more informations visit my Homepage at www.trabi-xxl.de or www.facebook.com/trabixxl

    Best regards
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  1. Martina Gregorcova
    This is genius! I absolutely love these stretched trabies!
  2. Justin
    Does the stretched limo Trabi still use the 2 cylinder 2 stroke motor?
  3. Bountyflyer
    I love your cars, specially the Barkas and the Robur!
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