Vespa Ape P501 1982
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    Vespa Ape P501
    This is the closest thing to a Trabant in term of feeling when you drive it!
    It's the F150 truck of the Italian ;-)
    The steering is a no more than a Vespa scooter steering handlebar. You sit and drive like on a scooter, but closed into a cabin. The noise and the vibration is very similar to a Trabant, it's a little 180cc two-stroke engine. The gearing is very low with the transmission, so you can pull alot of weight with this little motor, but without any top speed. Very fun to ride, but after 15 mins, you want to come back because it's alot of work to drive this thing.
    They were never imported into the USA, but a limited number of about 60 units were sold new in Canada in 1982. Half of them were a delivery van version, and the rest as a pick-up like mine.
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  1. Ian

    I'm in the U.K.....and aswell as having a Trabant 600RS...WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, I TOO HAVE A later VERSION OF THE APE:- 1994, 218cc, with 12v hydraulic rear tipper body, with aluminium sides and tailgate!

    A Happy New Year to you all,:) in the USA!


  2. JFB
    I will sell this one! With the trabi, my collection of about 20 scooters and now 5 cars, I have to make room! Contact me if you are interested!
  3. Bill Overbaugh
    Tres bien!
    I've been looking for an Ape for a few years now for my wife's candy store. Yours is in gorgeous condition!
    Very nice!