Wartburg 353
Wartburg item created by Bountyflyer, Oct 29, 2018
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    My friend grew up in one of these cars in Hungary. In the house where his family lived there was a rule, that every car parked in the garage had to have a disconnected battery. His Dad used an 8-10mm wrench to relegatiously remove the battery terminals every time they parked in the garage. Years later he found that very wrench and it started a full blown rotisserie restauration of this Wartburg. Every bolt is cadmium treated and correct for 1970. It drives great and smokes like it should. I’m little scared to drive it, I mostly just polishing up and down. It has the original Pneumant tires as well so I’m not going too far with it. I just bought it from him for way lot more that any other car I’ve ever bought.
    Great looking car. I sold my 353 to the Wende Museum in LA. I love the old style front grill. If I ever get another one, I am going to make sure it has the old style grill and chrome headlight rings.
    Thanks for sharing!