1. RogerDerSchrauber

    RogerDerSchrauber Premium Member Forum Donor

    I was impressed that the Trabi was not only on the highway, but PASSED somebody! :)
  2. Robert tamas

    Robert tamas Puttering Along

    back home we would pass all sorts of things horse drawn wagons , people on bikes , tractors , cows , cars broken down on the side of the road .....
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  3. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    yes the value in the usa is going up. I recommend you up your coverage.

    I agree 6kish car it looks nice but not 10k nice
  4. Max

    Max Newbie

    Hi guys,

    Sorry it took me so long to find this site and sign up.
    Thanks for finding my cl post though & finding me on the road in Pennsylvania even!!! haha (I drove this Trabbi from Boston to Chicago, yes, over 1,000 miles, in 2 days^^
    IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST ROAD TRIPS I'VE EVER TAKEN, this car is such a joy... though I did wear earplugs for 25% of the way ;)
    Thank you for spotting me and recognizing the Trabbi!

    I've owned Trabbies throughout growing up in Germany, right by the city (Zwickau) where they used to be built (it's now a VW plant actually).
    With this one we stumbled upon a true museum piece the last time I went back to Germany I decided to bring it over here.

    The car is with e in Chicago and a few more are on the way. I am just IN LOVE with these cars and want to share the fewer and fewer remaining ones with the world!!
    There simply isn't any other car as charismatic and sympathetic as a Trabbi and it is a joy to watch the effect it has on everyone out there. He's a star!!
    Here is a link to the updated post for this one: http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/cto/5876107721.html

    PS: There is NO rust whatsoever on this car, everything works perfectly (yes, the door is ajar in the pics, wasn't paying attention..), and I have all import documents and a US title for the car.

    Bis spaeter!
  5. BillB

    BillB Loyal Comrade Administrator Forum Donor

    Welcome to the forum.
    Great to have another Trabi in the Chicago area.
    If I'm counting correctly (Keri or Eric, please correct me if I'm wrong), that will be 11 or 12 Trabant's in the Chicago metro area.
    We are almost ready to have our own car show!
    On your car being offered, I'm assuming you mean clear Illinois title (not US title) based on the Illinois temporary tag in the back window?

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