1920 Ford model T speedster

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    1920 Ford model T speedster

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  2. mbeamish

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    Looks a great project ,have fun with it
  3. Ian

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    Coming in at a tangent here Bountyflyer........But, I too have a rally Trabant in the U.K.!

    Could you tell me if you HAVE solved the age old problem , after fitting an Alternator to your 12v Trabi, of the revs dropping, when you put on all 6 x headlamps?!

    I usually adjust my Mikuni Carb idle screw, to compensate, when driving at night...and then screw it down again during the daytime, when the laps are not in use!
    Someone else fitted a converter to help with the loading experienced,....but, they appear to have only been able to do it, on their 6 volt model....?


  4. Andrewwoey

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    Great project. Your son as good taste in cars.

  5. 1983JZR3W

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    Here is my '23 Model T. 3854e62ddd6347001315102166.jpg
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