1968 Ford Fairlane 500

Other Vehicle's item created by turbofiat124, Sep 23, 2018

  1. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

  2. Andrewwoey

    Andrewwoey Loyal Comrade

    Lovely car.
  3. trondd

    trondd Loyal Comrade

    Wow, looks nice. How many Trabants can you fit within it's length? :D
  4. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    This car takes up allot of room in my garage. I have a dedicated spot for it in the corner when it's not being driven. Otherwise it would take up almost the length of two of my smaller cars parked nose to tail at the entrance of one of the garage doors. So whenever I plan on driving it, I have to move a couple of cars out just to get this one car out of the garage then pull those back in then the Ford.

    It's quite a hassle having to move all these cars around but I'd rather do that than let them sit out in the weather.

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