1980 Barkas B1000

Barkas item created by Bill Overbaugh, Jul 5, 2015

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  3. Bill Overbaugh

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    I've owned my Barkas for about 4 days so I'm afraid I can't help you. I can say mine has a 1.6l engine from a Volkswagen. I think it is from the Volkswagen polo. I hope that helps! You may try Barkas.de or the Barkas Facebook page.
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    To our Italian friend:

    There are several suitable engines out there for Barkases. The main problem is with the transmission. The Transmission can't take more then 50Hp and it's geared very high so any engine you put in will run at very high RPM but the vehicle will be super slow.

    I would find a VW passat what has a diesel engine horisontally installed not sideways. Just like an Audi. Just buy the whole car and use all the parts out of it. It has a suitable manual transmission and a good diesel engine too. I think around 2001 or so. You can just cut the drive shafts and make an adapter. One side it should have a hole for the barkas half shaft, the other side for the VW half shaft. Don't forget to cut it only once the engine is in the arkas and the suspension has all the weight on it! If it's lifted up, it won't be the correct lenght.

    The bugdet option is an old 1980's Dachia or Renault engine with an adapter to the original Barkas transmission. But it will scream and won't go faster then 90-100km/h. The clutch plate will loose it's springs if you start too fast. Plus you will need a special made crank shaft bearing to support the Transmission clutch shaft. Not easy or any good either but it will fit very nicely.

    I hope that helped!
  5. Bountyflyer

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    By the way, I'm very curious how did it get here and who was that stupid to bring it over? I thought I'm the only dumb ass to bring one over.

    Please realize, it's might don't look like much, but it's a very advanced collector vehicle. It has fragile parts and very hard to repair engine.

    And no! It's not a Wartburg engine! The block looks similar and it will fit into a Wartburg but it has a coulle holes plugged up. The crank (if it's original) is also different. It should have 50 Hp instead of 45. The cylinder head is different as well, but you can use a Wartburg water pump seal and bearings but not the shaft. Pls also be very very careful mixing the oil. Don't be like me! No such a thing as just make it home or to the next parts store without the proper mixture. Always use led substitude to lubricate the lower roller bearings. That is where it will stuck. (As I was able to demonstrate it the second time)

    I have a manual for it plus I'm sucking with these for years. Let me know if you need any info or parts. I got a huge parts pile already. It's getting harder to find anything for this so every time I go to Europe I buy whaT I can find.
  6. Wartburg353W

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    So you bought that! I saw it on ebay and was disappointed there were no pictures of the engine so I could check out the conversion. Does it keep the original transaxle? It looks really good. Congratulations!
  7. Bountyflyer

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    I just realized that it had an engine swap! Thats 1000 times better then the two stroke! Do not convert it back!
  8. Bill Overbaugh

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    So I took it on a 4 hour trip today and now I've got a ton more questions.

    Bounty flyer, yes it has had an engine swap, but well... I'll get to that...

    So about an hour into my trip i hit a bump, and it popped out of fourth gear. Now I know why someone zip tied a spring to pull the gearshift lever back. Problem was the spring is nowhere near strong enough. As the trip went on, it got worse and worse so it now pops out if you look at it funny. I had to hold the lever back to keep it in gear, and even then a bump in the road or a little torque on the engine and it pops right out. I did the last 50 miles or so in third gear at about 50 kmph.

    So when I got back home I tore the cab all apart (how do you get the drivers side seat out?) because I needed to figure out what transmission it has in it? Is it Barkas? Wartburg? Volkswagen?

    What I found confused me even more. The previous owner told me it had a 1.6L VW engine. The info I read said Barkas used a 1.3L VW engine in their last few years. Turns out the engine is IFA. The previous owner may have been wrong about the VW engine, but there is no mistaking the IFA markings. It is most definitely 4 cylinders, inline. It is installed at a slight slant, with the intake on the passenger side. The transmission looks natural there, like it was meant for the block, with no adapter plate that I can tell. What do you think I have? I'll try to post pictures. If I can't get them, I'll post them tomorrow. I'll also take it to my dads place and put it up on a lift so we can really see the transmission.

    The guy who imported it is a car collector originally from Poland. He bought it there, restored, and shipped it over. I bought it on eBay, so most everyone knows what the bid was. I paid 6699 for it. He told me his shipper screwed up and he paid way more than he intended to ship it. I got the impression he had over 10k in it, with the shipping.
  9. Bill Overbaugh

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    Yeah my files are too large. I'll crop and upload some photos tomorrow.
  10. TNTrabi

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    Lol! Who buys a super rare vehicle and gets it home only to find out they have no idea as to what they bought? Oh that's right, Bill does! You are going to have one heck of a time explaining that one to Corky my friend!
  11. Bill Overbaugh

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    Lol. You're fired from Trabi friendship now.
  12. Bill Overbaugh

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  13. Bountyflyer

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    It's the adventure what counts! Nothing else matters! As far as my concern the price was a real bargan. I have way over 10k in my blue Barkas van!

    I have a feeling that they put a Wartburg/VW engine on the Barkas transmission. If it's throe the 4th gear out, that means your oil level was not properly maintained (there is a dip stick on the driver side) and your shincron rings are worn. Don't even attempt to open up the transmission! It needs special tools and more importantly very special factory training! I know a guy who has rebuilt two a day not too long ago.... In Hungary. The easiest way to fix it is either to ship it to my old friend or to buy an other transmission from Europe. But again you wouldn't know how worn that other one is. I used to know new Barkas trans for sale for about $800 a year ago. Not sure if they still have it. A new VW engine with an old Barkas trans is a failed idea. It wasn't ment to be. Buy a diesel Passat (2001 or so?) with a horisontal engine an d manual trans. Put that drivetrain in it. I talked to many many mechanics who use to make a living with Barkas engine conversions. None liked the Barkas trans. It's barely can handle the two storke engine! It's not geared right for any 4 cylinder engine either. Also the Passat engine would have AC compressor and modern alternator on it.

    To remove the driver seat pull up the adjusting lever up (or down) and push the seat forward untill it slides out of the track. Then you find the two 17mm bolts what hold down the large engine cover. Look at my video.

    Waiting for the pictures!
  14. Bountyflyer

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    I have one of these engines! With the Trabant. I got it as a present from a guy who didn't want it... It's still in Europe....
  15. TNTrabi

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    But if I had a Barkas or something made from various foreign cars and called it a Barkas, I would be back in, right? I may have to ask eBay to combine the 'other vehicles' and 'kit car' categories to find what it is I need.
  16. Bill Overbaugh

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    Hah! TNTrabi was wrong.
    I have a proper IFA engine in it with a proper Barkas transmission!
    It's the 1.1L IFA motor VW made for everyone in 1990/1991.

    Photos are attached.

    At lunchtime we popped the cover off the transmission and found the problem. The 3rd/4th gear shifting fork is worn and the associated selector ring is about 3/4 worn away. So it's not throwing all the way into gear. Next problem is what to do about it. BountyFlyer has had a few good suggestions.




    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Man!!! Now I wish I had bid on the Barkas. When the listing said it was a non-IFA setup, I opted not to pursue it. I think you got a steal. That is super cool that it has the 1.1L!
  18. Bill Overbaugh

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    I think so too! Too bad I've got this transmission problem. But I really want to keep the engine/transmission if I can, just because of what it is. I get better performance than the 2-stroke, but maintain a certain authenticity with the IFA engine.

    It is a VW engine, after all, though, isn't it? Made by VW for IFA?
  19. Bountyflyer

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    This is truly a very nice setup. The engine is off of a VW polo and it's probably a 1.1l. Not too strong but hell uv a lot better then the two stroke! It was a last try to keep Eisenach a float by VW but the manufacturing process was so inefficient that they just closed the factory down all together and built a brand new VW plant at the outside of the city. So the engine was made in West Germany in the VW plant and the casting was modified to fit the Wartburg and Trabant tranny.

    If you can show me a picture of the part what you need, I either have one or find one for you. Just take a picture of it. The other thing you can do is to weld it up BUT if the weld fells off you will have to say bye bye to the trans.

    Did you find the dip stick?! Thats the most important part!

    Also I would change the timing belt and all the pullys on that engine just to be sure! If you need anything for that I can get anything for that too!

    I'm planning to fly back in a month to take care of things, if you get a list by then I can find it and bring those parts back in my bag, then I can UPS it to you from Texas.
  20. Bountyflyer

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    I would say 99% that it isn't original set up but it will work I'm sure! I have a 4 cylinder Trabant with an engine in it just like this. I have no plans with the car, it's just sitting at my brother's yard in Hungary.

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