1980 Barkas B1000

Barkas item created by Bill Overbaugh, Jul 5, 2015

  1. Bountyflyer

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    It looks like someone has already welded it up once. I wouldn't mess with it. Just wait for the new fork!

    I can get you a part picture from my part number book. I don't think there was anything on it.

    To be honest with you I have never took one apart before. Never had to! I do have three other spare transmissions thinking of the future....

    Can you send me a picture of the dash whre I can see the steering and the temp control as well? That would tell the year of the car not the screw on doorhandles.
  2. Bill Overbaugh

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    So, we grazed some brass onto the shift fork and machined it down to fit the synchro ring really well, but it didn't work, the truck still pops out of fourth. So now we feel it could be the inner teeth of the synchro ring or even a bad bearing. Either way it means the transmission comes out.

    A picture of the fork after our work:

    And a picture of the dashboard and steering mechanism:
  3. Bountyflyer

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    It's a late model dash with a pre 1983 steering wheel. This means that the door handles and the steering wheel was changed to an older version.

    Before you take that trans out. Pls try one thing what has worked for me.

    Track down the cable what that lever on the steering shaft pulls. It will go to the passenger side front part of the transmission just above the drive shaft. It should have a spring on it. It's only worked for the first 6 month of the truck's life. With the engine off, and the gear selector in nutural, try to move the lever at the trans to disengage the freewheeling. Once you was able to move the lever, put the selector into gear and try to push then pull the car. (Engine still off!!) if it's moving the engine BOTH WAYS, you are done. If the free wheeling still going, try again but this time put the trans into 2nd or 3rd and ask someone to GENTLY rock the truck forward and backwards while you pry the lever on thr transmission. It should click in.

    With a 4stroke you don't need freewheeling at all.

    If the selector on the steering column worked, and you know for sure that it's not in freewheel mode but still spits out the 4th, that means you need new shyncron gears/rings.

    If this trick fixed your problem, you will only need to change the free wheeling bearing. Still a complicated ordeal. If you pull the engine, change the timing belt and the tentioner pulley!

    Did you find the transmission dipstick yet? It's a very important aspect of the whole thing! These trannies always leak, even when they were new.... Therefore you have a dipstick! Use it!
  4. Wartburg353W

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    Trabants are aluminum, Wartburgs are chrome plated. The base of the metal door handles is shaped differently than the base of the plastic one, so the hole in the door skin is shaped differently as well. But I'm starting to think you are right. That is definitely a newer dash AND it has the newer square foot pedals.
  5. Bountyflyer

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    About the door handles, I'm not exactly sure what am I missing here. I've changed all my fiberglass (newer) doorhandles on my Wartbug, Barkas, and all my Trabants. The only difference was that the rubber what goes under the alu doorhandles supposed to be white.

    How is the transmission going? Did you try to force it into "free wheeling OFF" position? I think that might would fix it.
  6. Bill Overbaugh

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    I didn't actually try what you said but I'm sure the freewheeling is off because when I let off the gas the engine growls and slows the truck down.

    I rebuilt those forks, but since it is still doing it, I've determined it's either the lip on the synchro gear that has worn away so far it can't go all the way into fourth, or the inner teeth on that synchro ring are worn and it's popping out, or most likely a bearing on the input shaft.

    My intention now is to source new parts, gently enjoy the truck, and do a transmission tear down this winter.

    Do you know much about the badges on the door? I notice from photos that some have them, some don't. Mine doesn't. Was that a model year difference?
  7. Bountyflyer

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    The Barkas badge was made out of aluminum up to 78 or so, then it was black plastic. I was able to source a set of old ones from Bulgaria a few years ago, but couldn't find any since then. My friends making the Trabant sign but not the Barkas one. I might ask them to make some Barkas for me. Or you can find a laser cut place a d have them cut one out. Actually now that I'm thinking of it, I know a place in Houston who does this. I could take my original ones and ask him to duplicate a few of them for me.

    Originally it was only on the passenger side saying Barkas B1000. Yours has been repainted and than they probably filled the holes. The aluminum sign holes are slightly different from the plastic ones.

    I can still buy the plastic ones but they arent pretty nor look vintage...
  8. Bountyflyer

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    Here is the sign what supposed to go on your pax side door close to the front top corner.

  9. Bountyflyer

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    I was able to get my hands on an old aluminum Barkas B1000 sign on Ebay a while ago. I'm about to take this to a water jet cutter and reproduce it so I have enugh for both of my Barkases. Would you be interested buying a few extra ones to ease the manufacturing costs? How many would you need if any? I can't put the little bolts on the signs, (nor they would match with the plastic sign holes anyway) you will either have to glue them on or drill holes into the aluminum and make your own mounting bolts. They will be made out of the proper aluminum sheet just like the original was, and you will be able to polish them up very easily.

    Greetings, Peter
  10. Bill Overbaugh

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    I actually found some online that are pretty cheap, 3€ each. Let me see if I can get those, but if not then yes I'd be interested.
  11. Bountyflyer

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    Are those made out of polished aluminum or the ugly plastic ones? I can get the plastic ones for $1 or less in Hungary... But never could find the really old first gen alu signs. If the ones are the alu versions, pls let me know where did you found them, then I wouldn't need to go thru the trouble to get it made.
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  15. Bill Overbaugh

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    Thanks for the heads up. Apparently there are a few types. Mine is cable operated, so that's the same. But there were also u-joint ones (which mine is) and another... Swing axle? Cv joint? Either way, I would make it work somehow. Sure beats doing a complete retrofit.
  16. Bountyflyer

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  17. Bill Overbaugh

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    Thanks, yeah I've been watching eBay. That transmission is pretty different as the one in my Barkas. I think it's a wartburg transmission they are calling a Barkas transmission. There is another one on eBay I've been looking at though which looks correct. It's kind of pricey and he can't tell me anything about it, though. And he won't ship. I have a friend who is about 70 miles from him, and is willing to pick it up and take it to a shipping location, but I still need to figure that out.

    Drove the Barkas last night about 100 miles round trip, to an auction where my wife needed help transporting a patio furniture set she bought for $110 - six chairs, a table and a hammock, all brand new never used!

    As I'm getting to know the truck, I am learning it will go 60 or 65 downhill, but it's happy around 50. It handles amazingly well. The visibility is surprisingly not as good as I would have thought, as you sit so high up, I have a hard time seeing traffic lights, or down to the end of the road. But I can almost see the front bumper from the drivers seat.

    The biggest thing is all the looks and questions. It's incredible how many people are curious about it.
  18. Bountyflyer

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    Is that 60mph?! Or km/h? There might be something done to your seat attaching points because I've never experienced the view point you mentioned.

    Your truck is one of the 3 Barkases in the US with current tags. So you can tell the guy who yells : Oh! I haven't seen one of these for a wile now" that look at it again...
  19. Bill Overbaugh

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    Lol that's funny.
    My speedo on the dash is off. Top speed is around 120 km/h on the speedo, but the tires must be different because when I check that against my speedo app on my iPhone, it says I'm going 60 mph, but 120 k/h is more like 75.
    I'm pretty sure this would be due to the ifa motor. I only wish the diff were geared a little higher. I'm positive I would end up with a real 4 speed no granny gear, and be able to cruise at highway speeds all day long.

    I had a buddy tell me there was one for sale about 8 miles from my house. Turns out it was a jeep, one of these: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacksnell707/6094402683
  20. Bountyflyer

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    I guess it's almost a barkas! It has 4 wheels and a bed on the back...

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